Technical Center

With the belief: quality is the root, demand is the target, morality is the instruction and sincerity is the gist, we always pay attention to technology research and development. Technical Center is indentified as municipal technical center in 2012.Several senior engineer lead this team, Based on the technical center as the research and development platform, our team actively implement the technological innovation strategy, and achieved fruitful results, formed independent intellectual property core technology system
Technology center consists of product research and development department, craft department, precision inspection department, product testing and other professional departments. Taide has formed a creative team under the leadership of the experts, old, middle-aged and young combined the multi-level innovation team. The research on rolling bearing sealing, Lubrication, bearing life is the most advanced in China. Taide get lots of fruits in bearing key craft, key components and technology R&D and grasp core bearing manufacturing technology.

Taide technical center adhere to the integration of basic research and applied research, formed independent intellectual property rights as the overall guiding ideology. Taide cooperate with Qingdao university, developed a computer aided design on car engine auxiliary drive system. Taide also start the research on bearing solid lubrication together with Chinese Academy of Science, Lanzhou Physical Chemistry Institution.

In recent years, the Technical Center made a series of research results in bearing seal, lubrication, material, etc.  At present, Technical Center develop more than twenty kinds of bearing independently, 18 have been declared national patents, including 8 invention patents. On the one hand, Technical Center vigorously expanding and apply new technology, new material, new craft, new equipment, one the other hand, Taide develop and design the bearing used specially equipment independently. This lay a very good foundation for company products level promoting. Now Technical Center has formed the complete R&D method for inspection, validation, analysis and research. Reliable test validation analysis and technical data can be supplied for products development. 

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