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Qingdao Taide Automobile Bearing Co.,Ltd is founded in 2001 after system transformation. Qingdao headquarters, Anhui Bengbu branches, Qingdao Jiaozhou factory three are in trinity. The annual sales income is over RMB 100,000,000. Taide is one of the standard and professional precision automotive bearing manufacturers.

Qingdao Taide mainly produces high quality automotive engine gear specially used bearing: Automobile Air-condition’s compressor electromagnetic clutch bearing, tension bearing and unit for automotive engine, idler bearing and unit, automotive engine intelligence fan clutch bearing, automotive silicone oil fan clutch bearing, automotive water pump bearing, precision bearing used in automotive engine auxiliary device, mower bearing and so on. The annual capacity can exceed 12,000,000 pcs. 

Qingdao Taide strengthens self research and development capability continuously. It has complete research and development ability and facility synchronized with customer, forming its own core technology. It is municipal technical center. Taide has independent automobile bearing simulation laboratory. It has five invention patents and six utility models until 2012. Taide participate in the edition of two professional standards. Taide has over ten automatic finishing machine lines. The quality standards can replace the international similar products. 

 Qingdao Taide has got certification ISO/TS 16949. In 2009, it got certification of ISO14001 and GB/T 28001. The good management system is the basis of stable process control and improving quality.

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